Stef Meditations

Stef Meditations is a guided meditation service that helps you maintain daily practices for a more joyful, respectful and meaningful life. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our meditations can create positive change for you, your family, society, the planet and the universe. 

Change Your Life and Impact the World

Consistency is key to turning your life around and reaping the many benefits of meditation. Not only can regular practice help heal your body, mind and soul, but it can also contribute to a better world. As a meditation community, we send positive vibrations into the world, allowing them to permeate through everything and everyone. This creates a shift that leads to a life of love, non-violence and compassion for all.

Create Balance & Harmony

Our guided meditation targets specific topics, including love, discipline, gratitude, freedom, compassion, breathing, forgiveness, balance, health and inspiration. When you visualise your goals through regular practice, you impact your unconscious mind, which then creates the shift you seek. As a result, you will feel more relaxed and less attached to external influences or judgments, thereby creating balance and harmony in your life. 

About Stef Meditations

Stef Meditations has the clear intention to serve the Universe and humanity by facilitating its growth, self-realization, and connection to the universal knowledge and power. We promote living in harmony, health, abundance, joy, and Love. We encourage a beautiful state full of energy, creativity, inspiration, freedom, responsibility, mutual respect, and respect for our planet Earth.

We experienced and still believe that meditation techniques empower people to build a stable fundament for realizing the above goals with insight, determination, and compassion.

A set of regular physical activities, healthy food, and a responsible living style is, of course, a necessary complement to our main activity meditation.

Enjoy the meditations and keep on going. Never give up.

We wish you all a Peace profound.